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The task of BEE in Spain is to provide children with the opportunity to acquire a new world viewpoint, a knowledge of their environment through incentives that enhance their creativity, while promoting their power of observation, and the development of their critical thinking skills.


With this main goal, the different teams on BEE propose an introduction to architecture and urban culture through activities than: improve their manual skills, expand their capacity for teamwork and organization, develop important values such as civility, perseverance, empathy for others and the environment, responsibility and autonomy.


With the idea that every child is a genius, they base their work on the learning by doing methodology. This approach is based on the detection and resolution of problems for their ownexperimentation and group work consensus.


Members: Pablo Amor & Cristina Llorente (Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España - CSCAE)

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