The Fourth Cycle of the Golden Cubes Awards is Now On.


Started in 2011, the Architecture and Children Work Program, UIA is now launching its fourth cycle of the triennial Golden Cubes Awards for the year 2020. The Golden Cubes Awards (GCA) honour people and organizations that help children and young people to develop a better understanding of architecture and the built environment. Entrants will be invited to submit entries describing activities or products designed to teach children and young people, from pre-school up to and including the age of 18, about architectural design and the processes by which our environment is formed.


The Awards will be presented in four award categories:

1. Audio-visual Media (films, audio-visual educational material, web sites…)
2. Written Media (books, magazines, non audio-visual educational tools)
3. Institutions (organisations, institutions, museums…)
4. Schools (directors, teachers, students)


The UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards process is not a ‘competition’ for which Entrants are expected to produce new projects. Instead they are invited to present submissions relating to an activity, which is currently active, or to a product produced, or an event which has taken place.


The Award Process has two phases: National and International.

In the first phase each UIA National Member Section participating in the Award will organise a selection process at National level and nominate one entry for submission for the International Awards. In the second phase the International Jury will evaluate the Nominated Entries and select one UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Award in each category.




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Following a national selection process, 23 countries submitted their nominations to an International Jury in four categories - Schools, Institutions, Written Media and Audio- Visual Media.

51 National best nominations were send to UIA, there were 13 entries in Schools category, 19 entries in Institution category, 10 in Written Media category and 9 in Audio and visual category.

The International Jury met on April 6th  & 7th  2017 to evaluate the best national nominated entries and select one in each category for an Award. The jury also selected three additional entries for Special Mention.

The Jury was impressed by the range of projects and products presented and the great work done by individuals and by organisations of all sizes from all over the World.


The International Jury selected the following winners:

Schools Golden Cubes Award:
Entrant N° 33 Sweden “Children Encounters with their City”. Djaknebergets Preschool.


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Institutions Golden Cubes Award:
Entrant N°24 France “ ̈The Reinvented City / minicitylab”. Territoires Pionniers (pioneer territories) House of Architecture of Normandy.


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Special Mention: Entrant N°14 Columbia “Children: their relationship with architecture and with the city in Cartagena of the Indies (Research Project). ARKalamar: children, architecture, city and play”. University of Bogota. Jorge Taoko Lozano, Caribbean Campus UJTL –SC.

Written media Golden Cubes Award:
Entrant N° 14 France “Basic Space”. EXTRA.


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Special Mention: Entrant N°40 Egypt “Know Your Country”. Master Crafter.
Jury’s comment: ”An emotional handmade project with sensory experiences. It provides a beautiful combination of architecture, history and culture”.

Audio visual media Golden Cubes Award:

Entrant N°48 Germany “The Sound of Munich “ Discovering the City –Radio Project Sport trifft Kunst e.V.


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Special Mention: Entrant N°25 France Archip’tits / Artplatform

The international jury members were:

Education Specialist, psychologist, philosopher & writer
Behiç AK
Media specialist, cartoonist, writer
Architect, Director UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme
Architect, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme
Magdalina RAJEVA
Architect, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme
Architect, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme


The Awards and special mentions were formally presented the 6th of September 2017 at the Official UIA Award Ceremony in Seoul during the 26th UIA Congress of Architecture.
International Award Winners, Special Mentions and all of the 51 best National Nominations projects were on UIA WP Architecture & Children Exhibition Stand at the UIA Congress in September 2017 in Seoul Korea.




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