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Children's art school «Start» works by the author's innovative program more than 30 years. The task of the architect as a teacher is to educate interest, understanding and correct perception of the environment, both natural and artificial, to teach carefully treat the natural and cultural heritage, to teach by means of architecture and design creatively and harmoniously organize artificial environment such as: children's room, playground, street, school, city. So the children at the age from 5 to 17 years of age there are immersed in the study of the fine arts, architecture, design, history of art, as well as the fundamentals of architectural design, including the drawing and layout, and coloring, and computer graphics. The most gifted children (80%) successfully continue their education in the best universities of the country.The school actually works as a center of pre-University of architectural education at the Union of architects of Russia. Seminars were held in more than a hundred educational institutions in Russia and abroad. About 300 educational institutions of Moscow and Russia work today on the methodologies developed by teachers of school.


Member: Nona Aznavouryan (Union of Architects of Russia - UAR)

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