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The Architecture and Children México group, promotes Architecture and City workshops, following the Built Environment Guidelines BEE from the Architecture and Children Work Group one of the work programs of the International Union of Architects UIA. Some activities include workshops at the Hospicio Cabañas declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, at Casa Cristo, National ArtisticMonument in 2006, a work of Luis Barragán Architect laureate with The Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1980, an recently al the International Book Fair FIL, in the Children Section, where the books are the inspirational resources for the activities with children through the support of the Art, Architectureand Design Center of the University of Guadalajara. Until know we can see how children get awareness about Architecture and its environments as a City. The group works with schools and institutions interested in the program within the activities of the Architects Association of Jalisco, México.


Guest: Alberto Silva (Architects Association of Jalisco, México)

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