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The project Learner Explorer City-dweller / Skolnieks Pētnieks Pilsētnieks / SPP was created as an initiative for open-minded education in 2009. The creators of the project were young architects of the Latvian Association of Architects.


The project started on a World Architecture Day 2009 and have been celebrated in cooperation with teachers every year afterwards. They received attestations of professional development in the Built Environment Education on seminars guided by architects. The digital methodological tool for the training course was given to Latvian Art schools to educate its students about the Built Environment in 2015.


SPP consists of more than twenty architects. Students of different ages from schools from all over the Latvia learn about the Built Environment. SPP target audience includes also adults and seniors. SPP architects create also after-school lessons at the Latvian Association of Architects. In 2011, SPP initiated the children’s choice award PEA for the best work of Latvian architecture.  It is given every year during the Latvian Architecture Awards.


Member: Nora Saulespurēna (Latvian Association of Architects)

Link to SPP

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