In Denmark BEE (Built Environment Education) is part of the National Architectural Policy and the curriculum in many secondary schools as well as in high schools, addressing themes such as urban planning, urbanization, sustainability, climate change, and the built environment as an identity provider and a regulator of behavior.


The Danish Association of Architects is engaged in the work with BEE and is represented in the UIA BEE network by the Copenhagen based co-lab My Little Architect whose activities span from educational programs for schools, workshops, master classes and writing books (‘Build, draw & learn with world-famous architects’ and ‘Utzon’s Universe’). The founders of My Little Architect are Malene Abildgaard and Julie Dufour, both architects MAA and authors, who are specializing in architecture and children focusing on BEE, working with reality-based case studies that require practical solutions to current problems in which testing of new processes, materials and teaching methods are explored. 


Guest: Malene Abildgaard (My Little Architect and Danish Association of Architects)

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