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The Architecture & Children program in Croatia has been represented by the Croatian Chamber of Architects since 2007. It has promoted programs in singular activities and schools, spreading built environment education through a number of volonteers. Public and school workshops, specific activites and lectures at various events have been carried out to raise awareness for the importance of the program’s goals. Various programs of built environment education have been developed over the last decade in multidisciplinary collaborations with many architects, teachers, artistis and students. The ‘Space and I’ interdisciplinary project involving the Zagreb Architect’s Association, the Association for Promoting Visual Culture, the Croatian Chamber of Architects and independent professionals and teachers has been a productive initiative, carrying out over 80 workshops between 2010 and 2016. Many other noteworhty independent programs are carried out through other associations as well, the most important being workshops done by the team which authored Croatia’s first architectural workbook for children, Architect’s associations in Zadar, Dubrovnik, Pula, etc, and various non-governmental initiatives involved in public participatory projects


Member: Mia Roth (Croatian Chamber of Architects)

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