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The Institute of Architects of Brasil (IAB) has structured within the Public Urban Policy Comission, the Work Group Childhood and Youth, to advocate, promote actions and activities of education on architecture, planning and heritage of the built urban environment for children and youth and develop strategies and projects with their participation to respond to the challenges they face in a country where 110 million inhabitants do not have housing or adequate housing conditions, the majority under 18 years old. These populations are the more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Experiences underway: web repository of design experiences directed to early childhood and participatory learning experiences has been developed with the support and cooperation of Bernard Van Leer Foundation. Brasil has a very consistent National Plan for Early Childhood, and an Early Childhood Public Policy Obervatory, elaborated by the National Network of Early Childhood with the colaboration of Bernard Van Leer Foundation.


Member: Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb and Samy Lansky (Institute of Architects of Brasil)

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